With the 2018-2019 regular season coming to a close, we look ahead to some exciting jersey changes coming up for next year. Adidas has done a phenomenal job with the NHL jerseys so far, and are looking to add even more improvements next year. Teams will be changing everything from colour schemes to striping patterns and even a few complete rebrands. Below is a list of the 8 confirmed teams that will have uniform changes for the 19-20 season.




The Mighty Ducks are back! Anaheim will be bringing back the Mighty Duck as their main logo for the 19-20 season. Their current third will be used as a home jersey with a white variant being used for the away.



The Sabres will be moving away from the navy and yellow colour scheme they currently employ in favour of a royal blue and yellow one similar to when they first entered the league. No design changes will occur to the actual striping or logo.



The Hawks are not one to change their jerseys very often, but have decided its time to switch things up. It's been described to us as swapping Ottawa's current jersey with a Blackhawks logo for the new season.



With the popularity of the Black Panther movie in 2018, the Panthers are doing a full rebrand to attract more fans by changing their uniforms to a black and neon colour scheme. The redesign will also tie into a "Miami Vice" - like theme that was so popular with the Miami Heat.

Los Angeles


The Kings will follow in the same footsteps as the Sabres and are going back to their roots by switching from grey/black to purple/gold for their home and away jerseys. 



The Senators have been a dumpster fire this season and are looking to turn things around. Owner Eugene Melnyk believes that a complete redesign will spark a change in the team and its fan base. In an attempt to show fans that he can be a good guy and is working for them, Melnyk has licensed the rights to @Brian5or6's logo for their uniforms next season.



After expecting to yet again bow out in the first round of the playoffs to the Bruins, Toronto has decided that an "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality is the right thing for the team's future and will adopt the Bruins design but in a blue/white colour scheme. 



Vegas have been historic throughout their first couple of years in the league and will be making a subtle but awesome change to their jerseys. While the bulk of the design will stay the same, the striping pattern on the sleeves and waist will now have the word "Historic" indented into the design instead of the current floral pattern.


Which designs are you most looking forward to? Let us know which ones you love/hate. Oh, and if it wasn't clear already, Happy April Fool's!


Big thanks to @Brian5or6 for letting us use his logo! Check him out on twitter!