Hockey has made many appearances in pop culture. Whether it was in a music video, movie, TV show or just celebrities supporting their team, hockey jerseys have been popping up all over Hollywood for years.

Here is a countdown of our favorite Jerseys in pop culture:

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6. Friends: The One With George Stephanopoulos – New York Rangers Jersey

Joey Tribbiani has shown his love for the Rangers on multiple occasions on the show, however, this one is our favorite. Thanks to Ross for being hit in the face with a puck during play, this episode had us howling.

5. The Mighty Ducks Trilogy – Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Jersey

Classic films with classic jerseys, what more could you want? These jerseys were worn by arguably the greatest team to ever be assembled.

4. Seinfeld: The Face Painter – Martin Brodeur Devils Jersey

David Puddy is a Devils fan in case you didn’t get that from the clip. This scene is too funny to not be on our list. Plus it’s a great jersey with a great player on the back and was worn in a great show!

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey

We’re not sure what we like better; the movie itself or the story behind why Cameron Frye wears his Howe jersey throughout the film!

2. National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation – Chicago Blackhawks Griswold Jersey

Clark Griswold wore his hawks jersey with pride during the holiday season. With his choice to have the jersey bear his own name and number, the 00 Hawks jersey will always remind us of Clark.

1. Happy Gilmore – Boston Bruins Jersey

Happy somehow made golf entertaining to watch with his antics on and off the course. He wasn’t the greatest hockey player, but loved the game and incorporated it as much as he could into his golf play. His iconic Bruins jersey will always be associated with him and his legendary capturing of the coveted Gold Jacket.

Honorable Mentions:

Kobe Bryant – Gretzky Oilers Jersey

Dr. Cox (Scrubs) – Chris Chelios Redwings Jersey

Robin (How I Met Your Mother) – Canucks Jersey

Wayne’s World – Chicago Blackhawks Jersey

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite jerseys in pop culture? Let us know! Don’t forget to stop by for all your jersey needs!