The NHL has been around for a long time, that means there have been a lot of jerseys introduced over the years. In this post, we take a look at some of the rarest/hardest to find jerseys from around the league.

The List:

These cool 90s jerseys are quite sought after. The stylized hockey stick-wielding Coyote and unique striping pattern give this jersey an interesting look. To get your hands on this jersey you’ll be looking at spending around $100+.

The NHL’s discovery of sublimation in the 90s lead to quite a few jerseys being named on this list, and the Pooh Bear is no exception. If you haven’t caught on yet, the Winnie-The-Pooh lookalike bear head crest lead to the “Pooh Bear” nickname for this jersey. The Bruins released this jersey as their third in 1995 and held onto them until 2006. For a jersey that was around for quite some time, it can be hard to find. This one will run you $100+.

The Rangers introduced this one as a third in 1998 in reverse of their previous years’ thirds, switching from a blue jersey to white. The Statue of Liberty head on the crest is what gives this one the “Lady Liberty” nickname. These only lasted one year before they reverted back to the blue versions in 1999, making them tough to find. To get one of these, you’re looking at around $100.

It may not look like anything the Ducks have ever put out, but this is a clean look that can be pretty hard to find. The Ducks opted for a black jersey for the first time as a franchise, and we like to think it looked pretty darn good. These thirds were only used for 3 years and are pretty tough to come by. Want one? You’re going to need around $120!

This is the second installment of the NHL’s sublimation craze on this list. These Lightning jerseys dubbed the “Storm Thirds” are an amazing depiction of how far the NHL was willing to go with sublimated jerseys. There are waves at the bottom, lightning on the sleeves, rain drops throughout, and rather interesting number scheme make this jersey an absolute masterpiece. This guy is going to cost you $120+.

The infamous Fisherman Islanders jerseys are another 90s classic. In a bold move, the Isles drastically changed their uniforms to these incredible works of art. A complete redesign with a new color scheme, wavy striping pattern and brand new logo that has a striking resemblance to the Gorton’s Fisherman, what could go wrong? These were not a hit with the Isles fanbase and only lasted a couple of seasons. The Isles realized their mistake and quickly corrected it by changing back to their classic logo, but those didn’t go over too well either. To reel in the Fisherman you’ll need about $150+.

For a modern day jersey that came out only 3 years ago, this one is not the easiest to find without paying a pretty penny. For some reason, these jerseys are very difficult to come by. We’d like to say the fact that they were used for only 2 games is what makes them hard to find, but it’s pretty much never this hard to find any other Winter Classic or Stadium Series jersey, and those are usually only worn in 1 game! This Rangers jersey will cost at least $200 if you can find one.

Here are some more relatively recent jerseys that are very difficult to come by. The Habs are older than the NHL itself and in the 09-10 season, they released three new jerseys to be worn in celebration of their 100th anniversary as a hockey club. Most people remember the awful, eye-sore barber pole jerseys that they wore for a game in the previous year as well, but tend to forget about the other two. The one pictured in the middle paid homage to their second season as a team, while the *ahem* interesting Blue jerseys were a throwback to their inaugural season in 1909. These throwbacks will cost anywhere between $100-$350+!

And now we’re back to the 90s sublimation craze with these jerseys. In 1995 the Kings introduced one of the ugliest jerseys to ever be worn by an NHL team. The jersey features a gray gradient sash/swirl pattern around the jersey and a crest on the left side of the chest. The brand new crest for the Kings faced the same scrutiny as the Fisherman for resembling a food themed public figure, deeming this jersey “The Burger King”. The entire jersey is pretty hard to look at (especially when they were used in the same game as the next jersey) but this one is pretty sought after by jersey collectors. To get an original Burger King, you’ll have to spend $300+, fries not included.

Finally, the last installment of the 90s third jersey sublimation fad, the great Wild Wing jerseys of 1995! This jersey features an almost entirely sublimated design with the exception of names/numbers and shoulder patches being stitched. The jersey depicts a scene of the Ducks mascot and former Saturday morning cartoon icon, Wild Wing, breaking through a slab of ice ready to stop some pucks. It’s no surprise these only lasted a few games before being sent to jersey heaven. Since the jersey wasn’t as big as the Ducks had hoped, they created one of (if not THE) hardest to find NHL jersey. While Wild Wing breaks the ice, you’re going to need to break the bank to own one of these at around $320+.

These jerseys may be found for higher or lower prices. The prices on this list are approximate. The list doesn’t account for the CCM Vintage line or the Mitchell & Ness remakes, only the original lines that released the jerseys. 

It may be a struggle to find all these jerseys, but you can always check out our Vintage Jersey section to find some more great jerseys at great prices!


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