At almost every NHL game you’ll find at least one person wearing a fake jersey. Fake jerseys have been a problem for years and although there have been efforts to curb this trend, fake jerseys are still very prominent. Fans justify buying fake jerseys by saying “It’s cheaper and looks just like the real thing!” The jersey may be cheaper, but it definitely does not look or even feel like the real thing. There is a reason that fakes are cheaper, they’re made with low-quality materials and incredible inaccuracies. We’re here to help though. In this guide, we’ll look at how to spot a fake NHL hockey jersey. This article will show you the difference between a fake jersey, a Reebok Premier Replica Jersey, and a Reebok Edge 2.0 Authentic Jersey. There are other types of jersey models we could examine, but these are the most popular and up-to-date. Most red flags found in this post will apply to all other styles for knockoffs.

In each picture the Knockoff NHL jersey is shown first, then the Official Reebok Premier Jersey, and lastly the Official Reebok Edge 2.0 Jersey. The descriptions follow the same order.

This article is meant to be used as a guide to help you identify what to look for when buying officially licensed NHL hockey jerseys. If you are unsure of whether a jersey is legitimate or not, ask for second opinions from experienced collectors/jersey buyers.

Neck Tag

Knockoff: The knockoff jersey features a very distorted maple leaf within the Canadian flag. The Reebok neck tag also attempts to replicate a Premier neck tag, which would not come in number sizing.

Premier: Neck Tag looks clean and has a tag with lettered sizing. Premiers are often manufactured in Indonesia, although some are made in Canada as well.

EDGE 2.0: Neck tag looks clean and the maple leaf is also clean. The jersey is always made in Canada.

NHL Shield:

Knockoff: The NHL shield is almost always covered by laces or other fabric and the logo itself looks poorly made.

Premier: NHL Shield is clearly visible and looks clean. Some Premiers will have a glued shield while others are stitched.

Edge 2.0: NHL Shield is clearly visible and looks clean. In this case, it is glued directly to the jersey. Older versions of the Edge 2.0 will feature an NHL crest similar to the Premier with a stitched down shield.

Team Crest:

Knockoff: Bubbly and plastic-y feel to the crest. Can often be tilted or inaccurate. In this case, the colors of the Blackhawks logo are off. The crest will be embroidered directly to the jersey and have a paper material on the reverse of it.

Premier: Smooth embroidered crest patch that is most often heat-pressed to the jersey, sometimes stitched to the jersey. The crest itself is it’s own embroidered patch that is pressed to the jersey. From the inside view you can see the outline of the crest but no stitch marks or paper material.

Edge 2.0: Smooth embroidered crest patch that is stitched directly to the jersey. The crest itself is it’s own embroidered patch that is stitched around the edges. The inside view shows the clean stitching of the border of the crest.

Fight Strap:

Knockoff: Small often square-shaped fight strap with stitching going from corner-to-corner. The fight strap itself is thin, short, and very stretchy. This is usually the easiest way to determine whether a jersey is a knockoff or officially licensed. From the outside, you can see a small square or rectangle with a stitch going from corner-to-corner.

Premier: Reebok Premier jerseys do not feature a fight strap of any sort. Obviously, there will be no stitching on the outside of the jersey visible.

Edge 2.0: Rectangular fight strap that is the same color as the jersey and is stitched along the edges. The fight strap has a bit of stretch horizontally, but none vertically. From the outside, you can see the outline stitching of the rectangle with a smaller rectangle inside it that has stitches from corner-to-corner. The stiching is often overlapped by numbers when they are present.

Reebok Neck Logo:

Knockoff: Reebok logo is stitched directly to the jersey and often looks a little wonky. The same rule applies to knockoff jerseys that feature the “Reebok” wordmark logo. The logo seen here is often referred to as the “vector” logo.

Premier: Reebok logo is its own crest that is heat-pressed to the jersey. Older premiers with the vector logo may be stitched directly to the jersey, but never the wordmark logo.

Edge 2.0: Reebok logo, whether it be the wordmark or vector, is its own crest that is stitched directly to the jersey and NEVER any other way.

Jersey Colors:

Knockoff: Colors of the jersey look off, and don’t represent what an official jersey would look like.

Premier: Colors of the jersey are vibrant and accurate to the team.

Edge 2.0: Colors of the jersey are vibrant and accurate to the team.


Knockoff: Letters and numbers are made from a plastic-y material, look bubbly and can be the wrong colors or size. Again, when looking on the inside, there is paper material backing to the letters/numbers.

Premier: Letters and numbers are cut to the team’s specs and either heat-pressed or stitched directly to the jersey. In the case above, like all customized CoolHockey jerseys, the numbers are first heat-pressed into place then stitched to the jersey. You can see the quality stitching from the inside.

Edge 2.0: Letters and numbers are cut to the team’s specs and stitched directly to the jersey. Pretty much any customizer will always stitch numbers for Edge jerseys. If you’re not sure, stay safe and get yours customized with CoolHockey to ensure a high-quality customization job.


Knockoff:  Often advertised as a letter and number for sizing (e.g S/46, M/48, etc). An Edge 1.0, or 2.0 will NEVER come in a size 48.

Premier: Come only in letter sizing (e.g S, M, L, etc).

Edge 2.0: Come only in numbered sizing (e.g 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 58+, & 60). An Edge 2.0 will NEVER come in size 48, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Check out our official Size Chart here

Unique Features:

On premiers, pictured above on the left, every jersey will feature what is known as a “jock tag” The jock tag will display the size of the jersey and identify it as officially licensed. An Edge 2.0 jersey will never have one of these. Jock tags are unique to only the premier jerseys.

Edge 2.0 jerseys, pictured above on the right, is some rounded stitching. This is a feature of only Edge 2.0s, not premiers. This stitching is for reinforced elbows, just like the players wear! Knockoffs will almost never have reinforced elbows for their Edge 2.0 copycats but may have them for older CCM copycats.

Overall you can see why buying the real thing just looks better. Purchasing knockoffs support an illegal industry and need to be stopped. Hopefully, now you know how to spot a fake NHL hockey jersey from an officially licensed one! You can always have confidence that your jerseys will be the real deal when purchasing from us here at! #FightTheFake

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