Arizona Coyotes Team History

The Arizona Coyotes have not always been the desert dwellers you think they might be. The franchise actually started on the frozen ponds and tundra’s of snowy Winnipeg. Known as the Jets, Winnipeg has had a good run of hockey for a while. Founded in 1972, the Jets were a part of the WHA and merged with the NHL in 1979.

When joining the NHL, the original NHL teams were allowed to pilfer the new teams joining and Winnipeg lost all its best players resulting in a franchise worst 9 win season in 1980. The Jets did look good out there despite the losing. The Jets would wear blue, red and white. The home jersey was navy blue with a white tail stripe with thin red lines on the top and bottom of the stripe. That stripe was repeated on the sleeves. The Jets logo was a circle crest in white on the home jersey. It has the word “Jets” in big sleek lettering with the “J” replaced by a hockey stick, with an outline of a plane in a red circle beside it. On the newer jerseys the plane was replaced by a jet streaking through the word “JETS”.

After running on fumes for a while the Jets would become grounded and move to the arid south west. Phoenix would be their new home with the puck dropping on the Coyotes first season in 1996. The Coyotes would choose the desert colours of red, brown, green, white and black. Their first jersey were quite the site, the jersey had a very Aztec looking pattern to them. The home jerseys were mainly black with a red tail stripe and red sleeve tips. Moving closer the body the red stripe gave way to a green stripe then to a white stripe castle wall pattern with little red upside down “L’s” in it and then back to the green. The away jersey has a mirror effect but with the black turning to white. The logo was a coyote outfitted in hockey gear holding a stick with half its face covered in a goalie mask.

A year later the Coyotes would introduce a unique third jersey to the fray. In 1998, the desert met the ice. Mainly green, the new third boasted a midnight desert scape as their tail stripe complete with cacti, a crescent moon, and the red rock mountains. The same design would bleed out on the sleeves from elbow the wrist. The logo would also change becoming just the coyote’s head with the half goalie mask face.

Those jersey would last until the 2003 season where the jerseys were toned down a little. Now brick red, sand, black and white would the colours of the Coyotes. The home jersey was mainly brick red with a white 5 stripe tail and sleeve striping; finishing with a brick red wrist stripe. The logo also changed to a stylized howling coyote head.

These jerseys would stay the same until the RBK Edge jersey came in to play. And even with the Edge jersey becoming the league standard , the only thing to change on the jersey was a brick red neck yoke added to the away jersey. A third jersey was also added to the lineup, an all black jersey with the brick red showing up on the sides of the body and from the elbow to wrist with the black being separated from the red with a strip of sand. The logo changes again to show a running coyotes in the red and sand colours.