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Boston Bruins Jersey History

Boston Bruins Jersey History

Boston has the longest NHL history in the United States. There has been a team in Boston since 1924 and they are also considered one the Original Six teams. The team’s colours where yellow (Gold) and brown and were based on the colours of the shop; team owner Charles Francis Adams owned. The name, Bruins, was created by Art Ross; because of the physical qualities associated with bears, such as power and speed.

The Bruins’ first sweater was brown with simple yellow (gold) striping and lettering. The front patch starts with the word “Boston” underneath, Boston, is the silhouette of a bear and then the word “BRUINS” at the bottom.


The next season, 1925-26, the Bruins went to a white jersey that was well covered in brown and yellow stripes. The logo had minor colour changes to account for the white background. The lettering also changed colour and became brown with a yellow out line.

In 1934, the team changed the primary colour from brown to black to now more closely resemble the image the Bruins’ have today.

In 1936, the team replaced the front crest with the player number and placed it on the shoulder. The striping style would be slimmed down as well. In 1939, more minor striping changes are made.

In 1940, the numbers changed to yellow with a black outline. A new yellow jersey is introduced - it has two black stripes and the word “Bruins” in cursive across the front. The new jersey wasn’t used after 1944.

In 1948, the team introduced a new logo to replace the player numbers. The new logo was a yellow letter “B” set in front of a black spoked wheel. The new logo was introduced as part of the 25th anniversary for the Bruin and on the left and right side of the “B” the numbers 24 and 49 are shown. A new black jersey is also introduced and resembles the jersey pattern used from 1932-36, the striping pattern being slightly different and the “B” on the front is larger.


The next year, in 1949, logo would get minor changes. The “B” would become more block like (to look more like the “B” on the dark jersey) and change to black with a yellow outline. The spokes change colour to yellow with the outer rim remaining black. The black jersey has a minor change to the striping pattern and the shoulder is changed to yellow. In 1951, more stripes would be added to the sleeves.


In 1955, the Bruins introduced a new yellow jersey, changed the black one, and kept the white the one leaving them with three jerseys. The new yellow jersey has black and white stripes on the lower torso and on the sleeves and the shoulder yoke is black with a white stripe. The logo is again changes colour to match and contrast the solid yellow colour, however, the background of the logo, inside the spokes, remained white. The black jersey was given more stripes and the new spoked wheel “B” crest was applied and colour matched. The black jersey was only use for 1 season. The numbering on the black jersey would be white with a yellow outline.

In 1967, a new black style becomes the primary team jersey. The black jersey has mostly yellow striping with a few small black and white accent stripes. The white jersey would have the same striping pattern. The lettering on the black jersey would be yellow with a white outline. Neck tie downs would also be put on to the teams’ jerseys until 1973. The next season the black striping on the wrist of the white jersey would be shortened to allow for another white stripe.


In 1974, the jerseys are further simplified with the elimination of the alternate coloured shoulder yokes. In 1976, the team would introduce a secondary logo that would be placed on the top of the shoulders. The new logo reintroduced the Bruins uniform to depiction of a bear, with the logo being a detailed image of a bears head with an open mouth.


In 1995, to coincide with the Fleet Center opening, the Bruins introduced new jerseys. The new uniform still maintained the classic look but with a completely new arm and shoulder stripe look and thick lower torso stripes. To have the logo, numbers, and fonts be more visible the images were given another layer of outline; in the case of the numbers is was a second outline. The shoulder bear patch would be refined to an image more like Smokey the Bear then a bear with rabies.


The Bruins also release an alternate, yellow jersey. The third jersey had a new jagged black and white stripe separating the main yellow from the black edges. The front patch is a larger version of the alternate logo from the shoulders of the main jerseys. The shoulder patch is the team name.


For the 2006-2007 season, the yellow third jersey is replaced with a black retro jersey from the 60’ and 70’s (including tie-down).

From 2007 til now and Reebok’s introduction of the new Edge uniform, the team introduced new mirrored white and black jerseys. The “spoked B” logo had is lines thickened to create better contrast and the font of the “B” was changed. The shoulder patch says “BRUINS” arcing over an image of a fierce bear and the word “BOSTON”. They have matching stripes on the lower torso and sleeves, and matching shoulder yoke patterns.


In 2008, the Bruins introduced a new alternate jersey. The third jersey is black and has the same striping patter on the sleeves are the other jersey but doesn’t have the lower stripes. The patches are switched; the alternate fierce bear logo has been enlarged and is on the front; and the “spooked B” is smaller and on the shoulder.


All Time Esteemed Bruins
• # 2 Eddie Shore 1926-40*
• # 4Bobby Orr 1966-76*
• # 7 Phil Esposito1967-75*
• # 8 Cam Neely 1986-96*
• # 9 Johnny Bucyk 1957-78*
• # 19 Joe Thornton 1997-06
• # 21 Andrew Ference 2006-Current
• # 24 Terry O’Reilly 1972-85*
• # 30 Tim Tomas 2002-Current
• # 33 Zdeno Chara 2006-Current
• # 37 Patrice Bergeron 2003-Current
• # 77 Raymond Bourque 1979-2000*
• # 81 Phil Kessel 2006-Current
*Denotes retired numbers.

Recent Top Draft Picks
• 2009 – Jordan Caron
• 2008 – Joe Colborne
• 2007 – Zach Hamill

Affiliate team(s)
Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League (AHL)
Reading Royals of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL)

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