It's time to head back to school and the new NHL season is about to begin! The draft has passed as well as free agency, and now we can look forward to seeing our favourite teams hit the ice once again. To build on the excitement of the new season, we're holding a back to school contest with a chance to win your very own NHL Adidas jersey! All it takes are a few simple steps...





Throw on your favourite NHL jersey and snap a back to school pic in a creative way! The more fun and creativity in your picture, the better! Photos should be back to school themed and not your average picture. Posting an old picture of yourself at an NHL game is boring and no fun! Make it look like you're heading into your first day of school (or your actual first day of school) while wearing your jersey! You can recreate a scene from Billy Madison or even that picture of you from the first day of school in the first grade that your mom forced you to take. Remember to wear an officially licensed NHL jersey, fake jerseys will result in an automatic disqualification. (Your jersey doesn't need to be Adidas, it can be CCM, Reebok, Koho, Nike, etc... as long as it's authentic).





Slap the #Back2SchoolHockey hashtag on your post, tag us, and boom you're into the running! Remember to actually tag us in the post so we can see it and view it easily, mentioning our handle afterward or in the caption does not count!




We will stop accepting entries on September 5th at 11:59 pm ET. Once all submissions are in, our team will select the top 16 most creative images and randomly seed them into a bracket. Once in the bracket, we will post the matchups to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for followers to vote on! Voting will run for 24 hours for each round except the finals which will have a 48-hour voting window. The dates for voting are as follows:


  • Round of 16 Voting: September 9th
  • Round of 8 Voting: September 10th
  • Quarterfinals Voting: September 11th
  • Semi FInals Voting: September 12th
  • Finals Voting: September 13th & 14th

The prize structure is as follows:


  • 1st: Customized Adidas Jersey
  • 2nd: $100 Gift Card
  • 3rd: $50 Gift Card


That's all! Now get your entry in, the sooner the better!


Please note: Be respectful when posting images. Any entry that is deemed inappropriate will automatically be disqualified from the contest without the need for notice. Counterfeit jerseys will result in an automatic disqualification. Please ensure you have consent from the parties in the photographs to post/publish. Submitted photos may be used for future promotions or posts.