This edition of the Collector's Corner was written by Kieran Lang!



The Carolina Hurricanes dropped new road uniforms on August 20th and it featured a look never seen in the franchise. The team decided to go with a diagonal wordmark that says “Canes” and features the warning flag in the C. The warning flags once again line the bottom jersey stripe as well as the inner collar. The team's secondary logo, featured on the alternate jersey, is on the shoulders. The team also has brought back the red numbers with the black trim. The red shoulder yoke stretching down to house the nameplate has also been removed. 




            It is a much better look than the road that was there before and feels more like a Hurricanes jersey. The wordmark logo is not that much of a surprise seeing as Tom Dundon, current owner stated that he has been wanting three logos since he purchased the team. It is a cool look that should look great on the ice. This could actually be the beginning of more diagonal wordmark jerseys. The Rangers have had it for such a long time and it has always looked fantastic and the Hurricanes have decided to give it a shot. It is a clean look that should pay off and has a lot of people wanting one.  




            The biggest thing I have seen people talk about that is not on the jersey is the new helmet decal. There is now a red and black version of the team’s primary logo on the helmet and it is 3D which is the first time anyone has done it and is a great feature. The Hurricanes are also the only team to feature three different main logos on their jerseys. The eye on the home, the “CANES” wordmark on the white jerseys and the double warning flag on the alternate jersey. Only one other team in the NHL has two separate logos on the home and road jerseys. Florida has Panthers on their logo on their home jerseys and and Florida on their road jerseys logo. 


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