This edition of the Collector's Corner was written by Kieran Lang.



When it comes to the Anaheim Ducks, how could I not pick “Leaping Wild Wing”. This jersey is the epitome of unique. The color is a gorgeous teal with white and eggplant accents. This is perhaps even the most unique jersey in NHL history. The logo is unlike any other as it portrays the teams mascot, Wild Wing, leaping through a layer of ice and onto the middle of the jersey with a goalie stick in hand. It does not get crazier than that.



The Arizona Coyotes original alternate jersey featured the head of the Kachina coyote as the logo on a dark green color. The rest of the jersey, however, sure is unique. The bottom lining features the desert hills and cactus of Phoenix, Arizona. The moon in the sky is purple and shines some purple on the backs and sides of the hills. You can see that each sleeve also has a few hills and one cactus each. This jersey is wildly unique and I, personally, would love to see it remade as an Adidas jersey.



The Boston Bruins have what fans call the “Pooh” jerseys. These jerseys feature a logo that, rather than strike fear, portrays a bear who looks rather friendly. The jersey is the Bruins standard yellow with black and white accents. The border looks like it is supposed to be fur like you would see on a bear. It is a very different jersey and one I do not see coming back any time soon.



The Buffalo Sabres 50th anniversary jersey has caught the eye of a lot of fans. The gold shines throughout this jersey featuring four stripes on each sleeve and four stripes at the bottom. There is a thicker blue stripe separating each set of two gold stripes. The gold trim around the Sabres logo with the golden blades and golden buffalo is just a fantastic look. The design within the buffalo might be one of the best logo designs I have ever seen. 



The Calgary Flames had this epic horse jersey. This jersey is one I have seen fans clamoring to have brought back in an Adidas version. I think they should even if it is one night only. It has a great, bold, red trim at the bottom with a yellow stripe through the middle. The logo is a yellow horse with a red flame on its forehead and flames shooting out of its nostrils. This logo needs to be on a jersey again.



The Carolina Hurricanes had these magnificent jerseys from 2008 to 2017. These jerseys featured the red flag on the silver hockey stick with a black triangle and a white trim all around it. It featured grey and red accents as well with grey warning flags around the bottom. There were also ghosted versions of the main logo on each shoulder. These jerseys are still favorites by Hurricanes fans and I see them all the time around Raleigh and at games. Fans love these and I can see why.



The Chicago Blackhawks wore these jerseys back in 1945. These jersey featured many stripes, the “barbershop” design, for their jersey. It also featured a much different looking logo. The crazy thing is that you can look at every Blackhawks jersey and see that each one draws similarities from the previous iterations. But these are the most unique because of the design itself.



The Colorado Avalanche wore these jerseys from 2009 to 2015. They were the first time we saw the Avalanche use the light blue color that you see on most of their jerseys. This color belongs as the main color of a jersey. It is such a clean color and this is a great look for it. The “Colorado” wordmark is one we had seen from 2001 to 2007 but it was on a maroon jersey. The blue jersey also featured one other very different look, it had black armpits, which were definitely rare.



The Columbus Blue Jackets current alternate jerseys are unique, and a beautiful sight to behold. These feature an off white color on the shoulder and in the stripes, along with a grey and lighter blue color, on their mainly navy blue jersey. The logo might be the best part of the jersey as it is an off white color with a light blue border reading in white letter “Columbus Blue Jackets” and the cannon that they are famously known for. These are the best jerseys they have and one of the best in the league.




This is undoubtedly the most unique, yes even over the jersey that has the shape of a star on it, but look at that logo! Look at the color striping on the collar and the bottom, the red, green and gold is a look you would not think of when you think of the Stars. There is a star on the cuffs of the sleeves! But honestly, this logo is incredibly unique. The bull with the constellation in it and the shooting star with their main logo as the star. This jersey is very unique and has a lot of smaller features that often get missed.



The Detroit Red Wings have a classic jersey but not a lot of uniqueness as they have stuck to one design throughout for their home and road jerseys. Then they released this as a look for the 2016 Stadium Series. These jerseys had a look that had not really been seen before. Previously we had seen horizontal stripes along the jerseys with a logo inside of it, the Red Wings decided to go diagonal and put the letter D with a wing flair off the end of the top and some sharpness in the bottom corner. This has been one of their cleanest looks. 



The Edmonton Oilers Current alternate is similar to the Penguins and Flyers Stadium Series jerseys last year which drew inspiration from the NFL’s “color rush” jersey series. These jerseys just have such a different look to them and it makes it unique. The sleeves feature large numbers just above the elbows and very thin orange stripes on the elbow as well as a thin orange cuff. There is also an orange stripe at the bottom of the torso. These jerseys are unlike any actual alternate jerseys we have seen, the only time we have seen jerseys like these are in outdoor games.



The Florida Panthers current jerseys are unique and a lot has to do with the colors. People who have gotten this jersey have described it to me as having an almost military feel to it because of the color scheme and jersey style. The logo looks like a badge which makes it very clean. Perhaps the most unique part of these jerseys is the fact that these home jerseys say “Panthers” on the chest logo while the road says “Florida”. The incredible logo on the sleeve on the home jerseys says “Florida” while the road says “Panthers”. This is easily their most unique look and one that factors in that crisp gold they have had for a while.



I do not know that it gets more unique than the “Burger King” jerseys that the Los Angeles Kings wore. These jerseys were unique for a variety of reasons. The diagonal middle stripe that wrapped all the way around the jersey, even the sleeves, was a light and dark grey ombré look is such an interesting look. Then you have the logo, which rather than being in the center of the jersey, is on the front of the left shoulder but still appears to be the same size it would be if you put it on the center. This is easily the Kings most unique jersey.



The Minnesota Wild’s red jerseys are among the elite in my eyes, and also quite unique. These jerseys had three colors, red, green and cream. It made it feel more classic and gave it a unique look. I have always loved these jerseys because they are so clean. The logo is very simple and fits perfectly on these jerseys. The cream color really ties it all together making it stand out from the rest of the league.



The Montreal Canadiens wore barbershop pole throwbacks in 2009 against the Boston Bruins. These are throwback jersey back to 1912-1913. These jerseys just scream unique. These are very different, have a logo similar to Toronto’s and have a style unlike any we have seen. It did not take a lot to think about which jerseys would be here as these were both unique and wild.



The Nashville Predators most recent jersey has to be their most unique. They feature a jersey style the organization has never used, a wordmark which is something they have never done as well. It is a great look for them to wear for the Winter Classic as it is a perfect way to represent the past of hockey in Nashville. This is one that I would assume the Winter Classic is not the only time we will see these.



The New Jersey Devils brought the red and green back last year with a white throwback jersey that is their current alternate. These have always been unique due to the coloring, but these had some even more unique parts. The first red stripe is slightly above the bottom of the jersey while the green rests even higher which makes both higher than most jerseys. The red yoked shoulders have a thin green line not far below them, but still with a stripe of white between the two which is a look that is not often seen. Devils fans were extremely excited to see this return.



The New York Islanders “fisherman” jerseys were one of a kind. These jerseys had one of the most interesting designs we have seen on a jersey. The waves of light blue, orange and white on the bottom is wild looking and iconic. The shoulder lines are different and intriguing. The logo is fantastically weird, and a lot of people love this jersey. These are a thing of weird beauty and I go along with many others who want to see Adidas and the Islanders make these return.



The New York Rangers “Lady Liberty” jerseys are one of the most beautifully unique jerseys in NHL history. The logo was fantastic but different from the logos we had seen prior. The spikes to represent the crown on the Statue of Liberty’s head make the logo look sharper and cleaner, the logo itself is unique with the sharp design, the “NYR”, and Lady Liberty’s head. This is also one of the rare times we see the Rangers use grey in their jerseys and it really ties this look together.



The Ottawa Senators wore these jerseys from 1997 through 2007. To say these jerseys are unique would be an understatement. They feature a stripe through the jersey that is unlike any we have seen before. The logo is a little crazy with the eyes on the jersey. But, it is one of those jerseys that is so unique, you feel like you have to own it. This jersey would be a fun throwback special for Senators fans and NHL fans alike.



The Philadelphia Flyers alternate jersey from 2002 to 2007 was definitely unique, but had one feature that was more unique than maybe anything else on this list. The jersey had a three dimensional logo. Not actually three dimensional in feel, but they made it in such a way that it would look like it. This is one of the coolest things I have seen on an NHL jersey, the Flyers wanted to be bold with these and I think it is awesome. This is something I would love to see more teams do.



The Pittsburgh Penguins wore these from 1995 to 2002. These iconic jerseys are nicknamed the “Robo-Pens” and are fantastic. The ombré look around the middle shifting from grey with white stripes to yellow. The shoulder stripes look almost like penguin wings and the different styles on the jersey all link together and work perfectly. The Penguins should bring these back, even if it is only a one-off.



The St. Louis Blues brought these beauties back this season for a couple of games. These jerseys have always been one of the leagues most unique. The mix of blue, yellow and red is actually a great look that works with this style of jersey. The style of this jersey, especially at the bottom, cuts so high that it makes the number font slant slightly. This jersey also features one of the coolest shoulder logos in NHL history, the blue and white trumpet in the circle surrounded by “St. Louis Blues” is fantastic. I cannot wait to see these hit the ice again. 



On February 21st, 2015, The San Jose Sharks wore these jerseys in a Stadium Series matchup vs the Los Angeles Kings. Both teams decided to test the waters with this style of jersey. The Sharks decided to sandwich a white stripe between the teal and black portions of the jersey. This was an incredible jersey because of the complete shot in the dark it was. They had no clue if this would turn out to be loved or hated and they did not really care. I love this jersey for that reason. It is incredibly unique in its own right and I wish teams would go back to being this bold.



The Tampa Bay Lightning had these alternate jerseys from 1996 through 1999. These jerseys were the most unique jerseys we had seen to date, and still might be the most unique today. The Lightning wanted everyone to know that they truly were the Lightning and that they had a storm brewing down in Florida. The jersey had lightning bolts on the sleeves, raindrops on the jersey, and waves crashing in the ocean on the bottom. These jerseys were insanely different and a lot of fun.



The Toronto Maple Leafs on December 19th, 2017 as an anniversary jersey. They were weird and enjoyable. Weird in a good way. The many stripes lining the sleeves on this jersey was such a cool look. The logo was different and fun. The “T” in the middle of the “ARENAS” wordmark made sure you knew that this was Toronto and it is felt. That is one of my favorite touches to this jersey. I agree with those that say this should be worn by them every December 19th.



It would not be a unique jersey list with the Vancouver Canucks yellow “V” jerseys. The Canucks wore these from 1978 to 1985 and they were seen as the team's home jerseys. This jersey technically does not have a log on the front of the jersey, but it does on the arm just above the red “V.” This is such a different concept to use and the Canucks wore them for a solid amount of time. They were brought back by Adidas for the opening ceremony of the home opener and for the announcement of Bo Horvat as captain.



The Vegas Golden Knights have only had two jerseys so far, the new one will be announced within the next couple months most likely, but that did not make this difficult. The Golden Knights home and road jerseys are both very unique, but I picked the home jersey because of the charcoal grey color. The color, however, is not the most unique part of this jersey. That would go to the golden striping, and yes, it is glittery. There is also a fantastic design within the golden stripe on the sleeve. The logo has “V” in the face of the helmet as a nod to Vegas.



The Washington Capitals “Screaming Eagle” jerseys were honestly very exciting. The team wanted to do something unique and they did a great job. The angled stripe at the bottom with the team's name inside of it, the gorgeous blue color, the copper, black and white stripes, the intense logo with five copper stars inside. These jerseys were exciting and maybe even ahead of their time in my opinion. If these were released as alternates today there would be intrigue and excitement. While there still was intrigue and excitement when they wore these from 1995 to 2000, there would be even more now.



The Winnipeg Jets current alternate jerseys are one of the more unique and potentially the cleanest looking alternates in the league. The jersey design itself is a simple design, sometimes simple can take you a long way, and these do just that. Bit the main draw to this jersey is that stellar wordmark. The “Jets” is in a great font that really hits it home with tying this jersey together. Maybe the coolest feature being the top of the “T” in the logo is a jet. These jerseys are simply gorgeous and will likely be sticking around for a long time.   


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