This edition of the Collector's Corner is written by Brett Foulke!


            When the 2019-2020 NHL season kicks off on October 2nd, many teams will have new threads. Teams will either be honoring their history this season with new heritage jerseys while some have newly innovated jerseys. This year the Sabres and Canucks will be celebrating their 50th season in the NHL. The best way possible to celebrate that is, of course, wearing a jersey honoring the 50th season in the league. Here are all the new jerseys to keep you up to date for this upcoming NHL season.



     The Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets will face off in the 2019 NHL Heritage Classic on October 26th. The teams will be wearing jerseys that throw it back to the early years of hockey in their cities. Winnipeg is throwing back to the 70s with their navy-blue jerseys with red lettering outlined in white. The Flames are honoring their 1989 season in which they won the Stanley Cup with their Heritage Classic jerseys. These white jerseys outline in yellow with red shoulders and lettering are a great way to remember those who wore the flaming C before them and took the franchise to the top. These jerseys are going to look great in the fresh outdoors!



     The Buffalo Sabres will be honoring their 50th season in the NHL by wearing this beautiful white jersey with navy blue lettering outlined in gold. The design is plain and simple, but they hit it out of the park with these jerseys. NBC Sports held a tournament this offseason on the best jerseys in NHL history, and this jersey made it all the way to the finals. That is some big praise for a jersey not even seen on ice yet. This jersey is going to look amazing when it first hits the ice this season!



     It was well noted last year that Carolina Hurricanes owner, Tim Dundon, did not like their away white jerseys. Every opportunity they could, they would wear their home reds on the road. This year that is going to be totally different with the Hurricanes unveiling their new road white jerseys. The white jerseys highlighted by the diagonal “Canes” across the chest also has the Hurricanes alternate logo on the shoulders and the hurricane logo running on the bottom of the jersey. The “C” in the diagonal “Canes” also has the hurricane symbol on it, giving it a unique upgrade. The Hurricanes should be wearing these fresh new road jerseys whenever they go on the road and give them a brand new and unique look.



     The Los Angeles Kings will be holding ‘80s and ‘90s nights this upcoming season and what better way to celebrate it than with new heritage jerseys. The Kings will be throwing back to the white jerseys they wore when they traded for Wayne Gretzky and hockey became a hit in LA. These jerseys are the exact look the Kings wore when the “Great One” took them on many deep playoff runs in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. These are one of their most iconic jerseys in their franchise and will be a great way to bring back the memories of early success in the franchise.



     The Edmonton Oilers are bringing a brand new jersey to the ice that is very similar to what we saw between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers when they faced off in the 2019 NHL Stadium Series. The jerseys are navy-blue with orange lettering and do not have any white outlining the jerseys. The Oilers must have watched the 2019 NHL Stadium Series game and saw two jerseys they liked and copied the jersey. All jokes aside, these jerseys give the Oilers a new look for the upcoming season and one that is honoring their history of wearing blue and orange. Connor McDavid will probably have a few highlight goals this upcoming season wearing these for the Edmonton Oilers.



    The Stanley Cup Champions are bringing back a jersey that is liked and disliked by their fan base. This jersey was worn in their early years by the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull, and Al MacInnis. The blue jerseys highlighted by the trumpet secondary shoulder logo has yellow numbers outlined in red and white also has a big red diagonal stripe running along the bottom of the jersey. Hated or liked by the fans this jersey was worn by the Blues from 1995-1998. This is another jersey that and NHL franchise is bringing back from the “roaring ‘90s” and one some fans are looking forward to and some not so much. Still exciting to see another heritage jersey hitting the ice this season!



    The Vancouver Canucks are going into the 2019-2020 season and their 50th season in the NHL with a completely brand new look. Their home and away jerseys will no longer say “Vancouver” across the chest. Instead, they centered and made the logo bigger. Their secondary logo and shoulder patches is no longer a blue logo with a white stick, but instead, it is a white logo with a blue stick. It may not seem like a big change but it really sticks out the shoulders of their home and away jerseys and on their brand new alternate jersey. Their new alternate jersey features the new secondary logo with white numbers and two green stripes on the sleeves and the bottom of the torso. This gives the Canucks a fresh new look for their 50th season will also bringing back on of their most iconic jerseys. For the Canucks 50th season, they held a fan vote and the fans voted to bring back the iconic skate jersey. This jersey was worn by the Canucks when they went to the 1994 lead by Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden. These iconic black jerseys with yellow numbers and lettering outlined in red bring back an iconic heritage jersey to the city of Vancouver. These jerseys will be worn at select games but let’s hope they are here to stay for the long run!



I almost kept this off the list because it really is not a new jersey but it is a change from last season. The Blackhawks changed the collar on their jerseys from the color wrapping around the whole neckline to just half of the neckline. This gives their jersey more red in their home jerseys and more white in their road jerseys. Hopefully, this small change can bring the Blackhawks some luck and propel them back to the playoffs!


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