In this edition of Collector's Corner, Kieran Lang lists his top five biggest rebrands to happen in the NHL. This does not include rebrands that occurred when teams relocated, just one team switching their uniforms.         

Mighty Ducks Become the Ducks 


This change brought in a new color scheme, new logo, and even a name change. It was not a change that was widely liked and even still has people begging for a revert back to the Mighty Ducks. The current color scheme has been in place since the 2006-2007 season. They have had a jersey change since, but I would not be surprised to see them switch to the orange alternate from a few years ago as a home jersey.


No More Purple for the Kings


In 1988 the Los Angeles Kings made a huge switch. The team completely eliminated both purple and yellow from their color scheme and went to a black, silver and white. This change was not as poorly received and the Kings would eventually bring purple back, and get rid of it again later, but the color scheme has become one of the more well-liked color schemes in the league now. The factoring out of the purple is still a little odd because of the royalty aspect, but the current scheme is a very clean look.


Penguins Match the Steelers and Pirates


In 1980 the Pittsburgh Penguins switched out their blue uniforms for a new look that went to the look that the rest of the cities featured. This look was much better and more well-liked. The color scheme would be factored out but was brought back in 2016 for both sets and is now the go-to look. The team has even re-added the yellow alternate.


Canucks Go Blue and Green Again   


In 2007 the Vancouver Canucks made a switch from navy blue, red, silver and royal blue to royal blue, green and white. This change allowed for a cleaner look for the team and has consistently stayed their go-to color scheme. This offseason the Canucks have done away with the Vancouver wordmark entirely and have added the white stick in rink to the shoulders. This is one of the most 50/50 uniforms for a fan base in the league. Some fans love the color scheme and look and some want to go back to the skate logo with black, red and yellow.


Literal Star Jerseys, to Dallas


The Dallas Stars made a major change in 2007 when they got rid of the Star-shaped jerseys and went to a much simpler look. This is one of the more controversial changes as many preferred the star look over the wordmark. Nowadays the Stars have one of the nicest jerseys in the league.