This edition of the Collector's Corner was written by Kieran Lang.

In this post, Kieran takes a look at his top 5 jerseys of all-time and what he believes are the 5 most unique jerseys of all time. Which jerseys rank on your top 5 lists?


1. Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Winter Classic

The Pittsburgh Penguins powder blue jerseys were a thing of beauty. They were a throwback to a jersey they wore in the past and brought back. They wore them in the Winter Classic in 2009 against the Buffalo Sabres which they won due to a Sidney Crosby shootout goal.

2. Carolina Hurricanes 17/18 Home

The Hurricanes remodeled Adidas jerseys are a reminder of what they looked like when they came into the league in 1997. This modern-day remodeling was criticized for the red on red warning flags and the amount of black the jersey had. But now that it's been seen live, everyone loves it.

3. Los Angeles Kings 2010-2014 Third 

The Los Angeles Kings purple and gold jerseys have always been fantastic. Purple and gold promote the idea of royalty and are a very bold and intriguing color choice for a hockey jersey and one that the Kings made work both the first time they did it and in the remodeling. 

4. Minnesota Wild 17/18 Home

The Adidas remodeled Minnesota Wild jerseys are what we have all been waiting for. The Wild fan base, and most of the NHL fanbase as a whole have been asking the Wild to go back to a green base for years. They did it justice with this simple, yet beautiful, jersey with a cream stripe through the middle of the jersey and a subtle red stripe on the sleeves.

5. San Jose Sharks 2013-Present

Rounding out my top five is the San Jose Sharks home jerseys. While very simple, it doesn't need any other design. The stripes on the sleeves with nothing on the front but the logo makes this perfect. You really cannot add more to this as it would take away from the fantastic teal color.

Top 5 Most Unique

1. New York Islanders 1995 - 1997 Fisherman Home

The Islanders fisherman jerseys. This is a very well remembered jersey. There's nothing about it that isn't unique, the wave at the bottom of the jersey, the different blues, the logo, the asymmetrical shoulder stripes, even the font is unique. It all rounds out as one of the most unique and interesting jerseys ever. 

2. Los Angeles Kings 1996 Burger King Third

The Los Angeles Kings "Burger King" jerseys are definitely unique. An off-center logo faded purple on the ends of the sleeves and the faded purple stripe stretching from the bottom left to the top right. This jersey is one of the most memorable jerseys to ever be worn and will surely never be forgotten.

3. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1996 Wild Wing Third

The Mighty Ice-bursting Ducks were a very new twist on the Mighty Ducks look. The classic green that is loved by many with the clean, white sheet of ice at the bottom of it. I love this logo, the duck is literally wearing the Mighty Ducks away jersey and celebrating a goal. It's often a forgotten jersey, but it's still unique and should be mentioned more often in jersey talks.

4. Phoenix Coyotes 1996-2003 Kachina 

The Arizona Coyotes had this jersey a while back and have brought it back to the ice recently for one game. The color palette on the logo, the green and burgundy and the interesting cream stripe, and the very subtle, almost metallic, color between the black and the cream color change. It all checks out to make this jersey unique. Fans have wanted it back for a long time now and were highly sought after in terms of purchasing

5. California Golden Seals 1974-1976

To finish off this list I chose the classic California Golden Seals. This jersey brought something new and unique to the game. The interesting color choice was even more interesting then, seeing as not many teams were quite this bold. For a team that is often forgotten, they're jerseys, are not. 

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