This edition of the Collector's Corner was written by Lucas Roche.

NHL shoulder patches have been present for many years and have not been appreciated nearly enough as it adds more character to already beautiful jerseys. But this isn’t the case for all teams as some shoulder patches should just be left out. In this post, we’re going to be looking at some of the worst patches to some incredible designs that makes the jersey that much better.


First off I’ll go over the teams with no shoulder patches. This list includes the


• Buffalo Sabres

• Calgary Flames (Sorry I’m not counting the flags)

• Carolina Hurricanes

• Detroit Red Wings

• Edmonton Oilers

• Los Angeles Kings

• Montreal Canadiens

• New Jersey Devils

• New York Islanders

• New York Rangers

• Philadelphia Flyers

• Pittsburgh Penguins

• St. Louis Blues

• Toronto Maple Leafs


Now with teams without shoulder patches out of the way the remaining teams will be ranked from the worst patches to the best patches in the NHL.


17. Ottawa Senators



The Senators have one of the worst jerseys in the NHL and this shoulder patch doesn’t help their case. The O is OK on its own, but the flag in the background is a bit much.


16. Arizona Coyotes



The Coyotes have a simple design for their patch and it would’ve looked nice without the large A in the middle of the paw. Without the A this shoulder patch would be in the middle of the list but instead sits in second last.


15. Vancouver Canucks



There were conversations that the Canucks might use this as their main crest after the switch to the Adidas uniforms, thankfully they chose not to. Overall not a terrible design but not good either.


14. Anaheim Ducks



The opposite of Vancouver, this patch should have been used as their main logo, instead, it remains on the shoulders while the ugly D is still used as the main logo. A fairly nice patch but just surrounded by unnecessary circles.


13. Tampa Bay Lightning



Overall I think this design is nice and it works well with the jersey, however, it is not the most creative as it’s just the main crest circled by the team name.


12. Dallas Stars



Dallas has a very unique design and this shoulder patch flows well with the rest of the jersey, but just like Tampa Bay, it is just their main logo circled by the team name lacking creativity.


11. Colorado Avalanche



Starting with the Avalanche are in my eyes the good designs, nothing much to say about this one other than it’s a clean patch that enhances the Avalanche’s jerseys and makes it the slightest bit better.


10. Florida Panthers



The top 10 starts with a jersey of my own the Florida Panthers. Although not on the shoulder I still decided to count it as it deserved to be mentioned. This patch includes a modified version of the state flag with a panther above it. All together beautiful design and is a great addition to the Panthers jerseys.


9. Winnipeg Jets



This design is very simple, yet effective as it includes details of the team including the maple leaf, hockey sticks and a nod to the team name.


8. Boston Bruins



This logo has been around for a while now but is still one of the better shoulder patches in the league. The shape and the illustration of the bear look sharp and match with the Bruins black and yellow look.


7. Chicago Blackhawks



The Blackhawks have used this design for many years now and it’s just as beautiful today. The yellow and green really pop on the patch and add even more detail to the already classic and sharp Chicago jersey.


6. Nashville Predators



I wish I could rank this one higher but all the other patches are slightly better than the Predators. This patch is a great look, as the guitar pick represents the music city and the NP logo on the bottom is also a nice addition. This patch looks perfect with the Predators fairly bland jerseys.


5. Vegas Golden Knights



When I first saw the Vegas jerseys I wasn’t a big fan of this as I felt the red wasn’t necessary and was a bit overpowering and the felt like the material was just plain ugly. But after a while I began to really appreciate the look, the two swords crossing through the star may be simple but it works well for the Knights.


4. Washington Capitals



What a great logo, some may ask why this isn’t their primary crest. This logo is magnificent the colours pop very well and the Capitol Building is perfectly implemented. The sole reason why this isn’t higher is that it’s only the Capitals shoulder patch and deserves to be on the front of the jersey.


3. Columbus Blue Jackets



Starting off the top 3 is the Blue Jackets patch. This is a perfect nod to their history including patriotic elements such as the cannon and star. The patch works very well with the jersey and also creates a beautiful primary crest on their alternates.


2. Minnesota Wild



The Minnesota Wild after changing to Adidas created one of the most spectacular jerseys I’ve ever seen, in my opinion, the second best (behind the Blues) in the league. This patch although simple perfectly matches the overall appearance of the jersey with the great font used for the M and the sharp red stars making an obvious choice for one of the best patches.


1. San Jose Sharks



The Sharks have one of the most unique jerseys in the NHL and an incredible primary logo. The Wild and the Sharks both have some of the best main logos in the sport but I’d give the Wild the edge. However, this shoulder patch is uncontested and is without a doubt the best patch in the league and hopefully becomes a primary logo at some point.