Dallas Stars Team History

The Stars franchise has began around since 1967, in Minnesota, know as the North Stars. The dark jersey was green, with white and yellow striping. The light jersey as was white, with green and white striping and a green shoulder yoke. The crest was a letter “N” with a pointed top, above the N (North) is a star. The team’s first jersey remained almost the same, except for small colour panel changes, until 1975.


In 1975, the jersey changed from a single wide stripe to a double stripe. Additionally, they added shadowed backdrops to the logos and numbers. In 1977, names were added to the back of the jersey to comply with new league polices.


As a result of financial problems the Cleveland Barons would merge with the North Stars and remain in Minnesota. The beginning of 1978 season, the newly formed team made minor changes to the jersey making the stripping pattern more simplistic. The next year a minor change would be made to adding a golden accent around the yoke and green outlines to numbers.


From 1981-91, several chances would be made to the jersey. Firstly, the white jersey would have black added to its stripe colours and the neck yoke would be replaced with the North Star logo on the shoulders. Secondly, black would be added to the striping of the dark jersey.


In 19991, due to continued financial and attendance problems, the team was prepared for a likely relocation and significantly redesigned the jersey. The most noted change was the logo. The new star logo would be more welcomed by cities like San Jose or San Francisco – two of the destinations that the team initially thought they could be moving to.


The team ended up moving to Dallas and with a new city and shortened name (Stars) the first official Stars jersey is introduced. The only change being the addition of the Texas state logo on the shoulders.


In 1997, the team introduced an alternate, third jersey. The new design expanded the star logo over the whole body of the jersey and used black and green as the colours of the road jersey.


At end of the season the alternate jersey style would replace the team’s home and road jersey completely.

This would be the jersey the team would wear on the journey to two Presidents’ Trophies and the franchises’ first Stanley cup victory in 1999. It would be the jersey Joe Nieuwendyk would win the Conn Smyth Trophy in.

During 2003-06 the Stars introduced a new black alternate jersey. The jersey went away from the star shape logo and body stripping but included use of the colour red as well as a new logo. The new logo was designed with the outline of the head of the star constellation, Taurus the bull, in mind. The design was an attempt to mix the stars theme with the common bull or steer logo use frequently in Texas. The result, however, was not as the franchise had planned. The public viewed the lined star figure in the logo to resemble a uterus and was quickly branded with the name Mooterus.


From 2008-Current, the team introduced its newest design with Reebok’s introduction of the new Edge uniform. The light and dark jerseys differ in design. The dark jersey, now the home jersey, has dropped the star logo and now says Dallas arcing across the top of the chest above the player smaller number and the shoulder patch is now the standard star logo. The light jersey is similar to the old style but drops the star shaped striping and the addition of the player number on the top right of the chest. The light jersey continues to use the alternate Texas shaped logo on the shoulders. The alternate is the same as the dark jersey’s layout but with the teams light jersey colours.