Edmonton Oilers Team History

The Oilers have called Edmonton their home since 1972; even though they joined the National Hockey League in 1979. Up until the leagues merged, the Oilers played in the World Hockey Association (W.H.A.).

In 1979, the team’s original N.H.L. jersey was blue, orange, and white. The home jersey was blue and the road jersey was white. The first jersey featured a three band striping pattern on the lower body and on the sleeve at the elbow. On the home jersey the wrists were orange.

The team logo was a circular crest with Oilers written inside. Below the letter was a drop shadow or oil spill like effect and at the top was an orange oil droplet.


In 1996, the Oilers would make several changes. The team colours were changed to a darker blue, copper, red, and white. The home jersey would drop the shoulder yoke and changed the orange stripes to more or a copper colour and had a red outline. In 1997, the away jersey would drop the shoulder yoke as well.


In 2001, the team introduced its first alternate jersey. The jersey used only blue white and silver. The silver was only used as an outline to the white stripes on the sleeve and bottom of the torso. There was also a new logo introduced by the team, centered on a streaking mechanical gear with a droplet of oil in the middle.


In 2007, with the introduction of the Reebok Edge jersey, the team made some minor changes. There is no longer any torso striping (excluding the contrasting colour piping that runs along the outside of the front torso section like many of new Edge designs). The only striping on the jersey are on the sleeve and on the inside half of the elbow.



In 2008 the team introduced an alternate jersey. The third jersey is a throwback to the original blue and orange jersey.