Florida Panthers Team History


The Panthers franchise began when the National Hockey League awarded Miami a new expansion team in 1992. The team was named after the endangered panthers that reside in the Florida Everglades.


The team colours would be red, blue, yellow, and white. The road and home jersey’s had similar shapes but slightly different striping patterns. The jersey’s had a matching striping pattern across the bottom of the uniform and diagonally at the bottom of the sleeves. There was also a curved shoulder yoke with a stripe outline. The main feature of the jersey is the team’s primary logo. The detailed leaping panther appears to be jumping out of the jersey directly towards an opponent. The shoulder patches were an image of the Sun, with a palm tree and hockey stick crossing.


In 1998, an arc shape was added to player names. The team also introduced an alternate jersey. The third jersey would be based on the road jersey but would use dark blue as the primary colour. The other difference would be the front logo, which adds a hockey stick broken in two pieces, with half in each claw of the panther.



In 2003, the team made some changes to the uniforms. The white jersey would become the away jersey. The dark, red jersey became the alternate jersey. The alternate blue jersey became the home jersey. The broken hockey stick panther logo was then taken off the blue jersey and on to the red jersey to remain as the team’s alternate logo.


In 2006, the player names are made straight again and in 2007, with the introduction of the Reebok Edge jersey, the team made several changes to its uniforms. The road and home jersey would now mirror each other with the same striping patterns. Running along the shoulders and the outside of the sleeves is a red band. On the inside of the sleeve, at the elbow, is a perpendicular five bar striping pattern. The red alternate jersey was dropped at then end of the ’08 season, giving way to a new baby blue third.