Los Angeles Kings Team History

1966, was a year of change and new beginnings. Of all the places in North America to get an ice hockey team who would have thought that sunny southern California would be an option. Canadian Jack Kent Cooke decided to bring his love of the game south. On Feb 9, 1966 an air of royalty came to L.A. The Los Angeles Kings along with 5 other teams would be added to the NHL’s roster; doubling the league’s original 6 to 12.

The Kings jerseys would start out as a mirror of their arena mates, the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers; in purple and gold. The home jerseys were all purple with gold sleeve stripes, a gold tail stripe, and the player numbers also in gold, with a “king’s” crown as their logo.

2 years later a white outline was added to the numbers to make them stand out more. In 1971 the gold tail stripe was moved all the way to bottom on the home jerseys and purple on the away’s. In 1977 player names were added to the back to comply with NHL standards. In 1980, when the “Triple Crown Line” of Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and Charlie Simmer were on their way to being one of greatest lines in NHL history, a neck to cuff stripe was added down the sleeves with a white stripe separating the gold and purple.

In 1988 the gold and purple were retired and replaced with a smooth and sleek black and silver. The jersey colour change coincided with the arrival of Wayne Gretzky and taking on another L.A. team’s colours…the Raiders. The home jersey was all black with white elbow striping with silver striping up against the black, a tail stripe of the same fashion was added as well. The away jersey was the same as the home but with all the black switched to white. The logo also went through a change adding the “Kings” name to front. The shape of the logo was almost like an old Chevrolet emblem; a slanted cross with a pointed bottom. An italicized “Kings” was placed in the middle with a smaller “Los Angeles” above it and a smaller “Crown” beneath it, all in silver, white and black.

In 1992 the numbers on the sleeves would change to all black on both jerseys. In 1995 the Kings would introduce a third jersey that would come to be known as the “Burger King” jersey.


The home and away jerseys would stay the same black and silver but the third would bring back the purple and gold. The jersey was all white with a curved stripe that changed from black to silver running from the right shoulder down to the left hip, with another stripe curving from the right hip down to the bottom of the jersey. A logo of a bearded “King” in purple and gold was put on the left side of the chest. The “King’s” beard and head was purple with little facial features in white and wearing a gold crown. The player names and number were in an italicized font in solid purple with a gold outline. These jerseys only lasted one season, and for good reason.

In 1998 the Kings would overhaul their look and bring back the purple in a lighter shade. The home jersey remained black but the silver and white stripes were replaced with purple and silver. The neck yoke and tail stripe are also in silver and purple with the tail stripe having the city’s name through it. The logo also changed; a new crest shape was introduced with two sword like hockey sticks crossing each other with “LA” at the handles of the swords. Inside the crest were 3 images, the top left was a sun, the top right was a crown, and in the middle was a traditional royal seal of a lion on its hind legs holding a staff. Beneath them was the word “Kings” running along the bottom of the hockey stick blades. The shoulder patches were of the old style “crown” logo in purple and silver. The away jersey was exactly the same replacing the black for white.

In 1999, a third jersey would be welcomed to the fray with it being almost exactly like the home’s and away’s but replacing the chest logo with the shoulder patch logo of the stylized crown. In 2002, the Kings would take the logo from the third jersey and use it as their main logo; moving the old logo up on to the shoulder.

When the Reebok Edge jersey was added in 2007 not much would change except for the disappearance of the tail stripe. A year later the alternate jersey would change to a throwback of the Gretzky days bringing back the old silver and black. The jersey design was almost exact to the old ones with the logo changing a little bit. A bottom pointing rectangle with “LA” blocked off at the top and the main logo on the home’s and away’s shrunk a little and placed below the “LA”. Also thin silver stripes would run from neck to cuff.