In 1997, the National Hockey League announced that a franchise would return to the Twin Cities. The new team, the Minnesota Wild, would drop the puck for its first season in 2000.

The Wild’s first jersey features a deep green as the primary as well as red and off white as secondary colours. The jersey had two matching striping patterns of red and off white; one on the lower body and the other spanning from wrist to wrist tapering in to meet at the collar. The player number font has stylized sections to give it a ragged look.


The logo design is an outline of a bear’s head that includes the elements of a night time forest inside. Those elements include a creek, tree line, a star, and a full moon. More importantly those elements align in a way that outlines the facial aspect of the bear such as the eyes, mouth and ear. The logo uses three of the team’s colours including straight white for the star. The shoulder patch was a seal style logo that with the words “Minnesota” “NHL” and “hockey” on the outside; and across the middle is the word “Wild” in tribal style font.

In 2003, the team introduced its first alternate jersey. Red would become the foundation with a large solid green stripe across the top of the sleeve and along the bottom of the jersey; these stripes also have a small off white stripe along one side

The third jersey also introduced a new logo. A seal style logo that has a smaller existing bear head inside a green ring. The green ring has the words “Minnesota Wild” in off white.

In 2007, with the introduction of the new Reebok Edge jersey, the team announced it would use the alternate as the new primary home jersey and drop the green jersey completely. The light jersey would stay the same except for minor changes to the stripes’ contours.


In 2009, the team introduced a new alternate jersey. The new third jersey is a solid green with two stripe pattern across the sleeve and the lower body. The main front patch is a script logo in with the words “Minnesota” in off-white and “Wild” in red. The script resembles the look of a baseball jersey.