Ottawa Senators Team History

Professional hockey has been in Ottawa for over a hundred years. Ottawa had a team in the National Hockey League, called the Senators. This team won eleven Stanley Cups prior to joining the NHL and during its early years in the NHL. Poor performance and growing debt in the 1930’s cause ownership to move the team.
The original Senators team wore a full striped black, red, and white sweater. The front of the sweater had a similarly coloured letter “O.”

Hockey was restored in Ottawa as an expansion in 1992 and staying with the Senators title. The team would also use a similar colour scheme red, black, and white. They would introduce a team logo, a Roman centurion. The away and home jerseys would be a solid colour with large secondary striping. The secondary patch on the shoulders is a bronze wreath like ring, which has the established date of the original Ottawa Senators in roman numerals (MDCCCXCIV) which read 1894, and encircling a letter “S”.

The uniform would go through only minor changes until 1997 when the team’s first alternate jersey would be introduced. Red was the primary colour and the black and white striping would become a wide arcing pattern. A new front crest also be introduced, it is a more detailed, three dimensional version of the standard roman centurion. The shoulder patch would be a smaller version of the standard crest.

In 1999, the alternate red jersey would replace the road jersey. In 2000, the team would launch another alternate jersey. The third jersey would be similar to the white jersey’s layout but would be black and have the new crest form the red away jersey. The main striping would be the same bronzed pattern from the outside of the front and shoulder crests. The last key addition is the new shoulder patch which is the image of the Peace Tower and a Maple Leaf.

From 2007 until now, and with the introduction of the new Reebok Edge jersey, the Senators would update and use the modernized logo on the road jersey for both home and away. The overall jersey would become simplified colour pattern and a new letter “O” patch for the shoulder.


In 2008, the team introduced a new alternate jersey. The new third jersey is black with the word “SENS” across the front, a team nickname. The shoulder patch is the primary logo from the standard jerseys.