Philadelphia Flyers Team History

The Philadelphia Flyers were a part of the N.H.L. expansion and have been in the league since 1967. The city had to wait 36 years to see hockey again after its first taste with the Quakers. The team’s name, colour, and logo were all designed with the help and support of the Philadelphia community.

The team colours are black, orange, and white; The Flyers would be the first team in the post Original Six era team to wear orange in the N.H.L.

The team logo is a winged letter “P,” with an orange puck in the center. The wings create the sense of speed and flight in the logo.

In 1967, the team’s jersey was simple in design. The home jersey was in orange the road jersey was white. The uniform featured a contrasting striping on the lower body as well as a contrasting shoulder yoke that stopped near the elbow and wrapped around the sleeve. The bottom of the wrist had a black panel.

There have never been any drastic changes to the Flyers jersey. A few minor changes have been made over the last 40 years. In the early 1970’s, the team added player names to the home jerseys and in the late 70’s, the team added player names to the away jersey. In 1981, the team dropped the lower body stripe and in 1982, the shoulder yoke/stripe was enlarged and the team added several black styling cues; first, a stripe at the bottoms of the jersey. Second, a stripe was added just outside the black wrist panel and third, a stripe was added that separated the torso from shoulder and sleeve panels.

In 1997, the team introduced their alternate jersey. The third jersey was a black version of the existing jerseys. In 2001, the team went back to two jerseys but the black alternate jersey replaced the orange jersey.

In 2002, the team reintroduced an orange jersey as an alternate jersey. The third jersey would add silver to the team’s colours. The lower torso had a triple stripe using black, white, and silver. The sleeve had several features; a half circle orange panel the warped underneath the sleeve, and around the outside was a black stripe; the wrist had a black panel with a silver stripe above it. The logo was modernized by adding silver outlines. The outline created a 3D effect.


In 2007, with the introduction of the Reebok Edge jersey, the team made some modern updates to the uniform. The new jersey had no stripes on the torso, leaving the detailing to the sleeves. The sleeve layout is spilt into upper and lower halves; the upper half has single colour and the player number; the lower half has two contrasting panels with a curved design between them at the elbow. There was no longer a need for a third jersey.


In 2008, the team introduced an alternate jersey. The jersey is a throwback to the original orange Flyers jersey. The orange jersey replaced the black jersey as the home jersey at the beginning of the 2009 playoffs and then remained that way for the 2009 regular season.