San Jose Sharks Team History

San Jose and the Bay Area had its first taste for hockey in the 60’s with the California Golden Seals. However, hockey as it is known today in San Jose wouldn’t get its face until 1991 with the Sharks.

The name comes from a contest that was held matching cultural aspects of being next to the Pacific Ocean where many sharks inhabit the area and having numbers of shark research laboratories in the Bay area. The image of the shark also possesses the qualities that were to parallel the team attitude.

The team’s jersey was a simple layout with a mirrored pattern for the road and home jerseys. On the sleeve and lower torso is a simple grey and black striping pattern. On the shoulder is the team secondary logo. The secondary logo is a single top shark fin emerging from the water.

In 1997, the alternate jersey was introduced. The jersey was a new uniform style that had vents on the under the arm and all along the side. It was teal with modern stripes across the top. There is no longer a secondary logo on the shoulder.

In 1998, the team introduces new jerseys based on the alternate the season before. The home jersey would stay the same and the away jersey would be a white mirror of the home jersey.

In 2001, the team introduced a new alternate jersey. The third jersey was black and had two small stripes on the sleeve. The secondary fin logo would return to the top of the sleeve as well.

From 2007 until now and with the introduction of the Reebok Edge jersey, the Sharks would again update their uniform. The new jerseys would resemble the look of the teams original uniform from the 1990’s with a lower torso and sleeve stripes. The new stripes are black and white with thin orange traces. Orange trim was also added to the collar as well as to the trim for the numbers. Like many other teams they added the small player number to the top right above the main crest. The new light and dark jerseys also feature an updated logo. The logo is the same basic image just more stylized and modern looking. The shoulder patch is a similar design to the main crest but drops the triangle and show the full body of the shark.


In 2008, the team introduced a new black alternate jersey. The jersey is a solid black except for the simplified white and teal sleeve stripe. The numbers are white with a teal trim. The main crest is a larger version of the main jerseys shoulder patch. The shoulder patch is the letter “S” and “J” with a small image of a shark fin coming out of the water.