This edition of NHL Jersey History was written by Robert Lazar. 

Through the lifetime of the NHL, there’s been many notable, famous, or iconic jerseys. This post is not about those.

Instead, here’s 8 of the most obscure, forgotten, and generally unremembered jerseys in NHL history. We’ll be going in chronological order, for ease of reading, and we’ll be sticking with modern era jerseys, as teams experimented quite a bit in the league’s early days.


Pittsburgh Penguins: 1967-68 Inaugural Season


The Penguins have had their infamous skating penguin on their uniforms every year, with the exception of their first. In the inaugural season for the now-incredibly accomplished franchise, they utilized a diagonal “PITTSBURGH” wordmark on both their home and away, similar to the New York Rangers. The look didn’t stick, and the jerseys were immediately changed with both a new crest and new striping the following season. While they haven’t been truly resurrected, elements of the inaugural set have since been seen on other Pens jerseys; the wordmark was later seen on the black road jerseys from 1992 to 1997, and the striping and number font were resurrected for the 2011 Winter Classic and subsequent alternate jersey.



Oakland Seals: 1969-70 Home Green