Vancouver Canucks Team Jersey History

The Vancouver Canucks story starts in 1967. The struggle to get an NHL team in Vancouver was a long and expensive one. But finally in 1970, after paying $4 million over the normal $2 million it cost for a franchise then, the Canucks were born. A Vancouver group bought the WHL’s Canucks and turned them in to the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks.

The team started out with conservative blue, green and white jerseys. The home jerseys were all blue with 2 green tail stripes with a white stripe running through the middle. The sleeves followed suit but had a “V” in white running through the white stripe. Their logo was simple as well; a white hockey rink with a blue hockey stick in it, with it actually forming a “C”. The away jerseys were the same with white replacing the blue.

In 1972, the “V” on the sleeves would disappear, and in ’77 names would be added to the back.

And in 1978, one of the most talked about jerseys changes was made. The Canucks dropped the blue, green and white for black, gold, and orange. The home jersey was mainly black with no logo, only a big “V” in orange and gold running up to the shoulders. The sleeves would mimic the same “V” on the front and player shoulder numbers would move down to the cuff. The away jerseys would stray from white and turn mainly gold with the “V” in black and orange. Shoulder patches were added in the circle crest shape with a speeding skate blade that said “Canucks” along the blade.

1985, the shoulder patch is now the Canucks main logo of the speeding skate. The “V’s” would disappear and turn in to orange and gold tail stripes and the sleeves would follow suit but the ugliness would still linger. In ’89 the gold from the away jersey was bled out and white replaced it.


In 1995 when the alternative jersey program started the Canucks blended two jerseys in to one. The new third would be black up to the logo and then red would finish its way to the neck. Through the logo a checkmark of gold and black would run across and up the jersey, that same checkmark would eek on to the sleeves as well.

In 1997 another change of palate would come in the form or navy blue, sky blue, maroon and silver. The new home jersey has 3 new tail stripes, sky blue at the bottom with silver above and then moving on to a thin stripe of navy and then a maroon stripe. That same pattern follows on the sleeves. The logo was in the shape of a “C” but with an Native Canadian styling to it with an “Orca” coming out of the top half of the “C”. The Orca was in reference to the company that bought the Canucks; Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment.

In 2001 a new third was created, using mainly navy blue and maroon. The colours were in a gradient style though, navy tail stripes with a thin silver stripe then to a bold maroon which then gently fades in to navy blue half way through the logo. A maroon neck yoke that led to a navy stripe on the sleeves cut off by a silver stripe and then maroon to the cuff.

In 2006 the new third would be scrapped and replaced by the original green, blue and white jersey with the “stick and rink” logo. In 2007 the experiment with new colours was over and with the addition of the Reebok Edge jersey system, Vancouver was going back to their original blue, green and white, with the new logo staying on the front with “Vancouver” written in an arc above it.


In 2008 the third was brought back and was still in its original form of the old ‘70’s jersey, with new shoulder patches paying homage to Canadian Johnny Canuck.