Atlanta Thrashers Team History
Hockey started in Atlanta in 1972 as the Flames.
The team’s colours were red, yellow and white. The jersey had a triple band stripe on the sleeves and lower torso.
The front logo is a big blocked letter “A”, and the key feature was a flame shaping the inside of the letter.
The Flames lasted 8 years in Atlanta but was then moved to Calgary after the 1979-80 season. 


In 1999, hockey returned to Atlanta but under the guise of the “Thrashers”. The name comes from Georgia’s state bird; the Brown Thrasher. The Thrashers would then choose the colours of dark blue, maroon, and yellow to represent them.

The Thrashers jerseys have several unique elements, the road jersey was white and maroon with a blue stripe across the bottom; set inside the blue stripe were a row of yellow arrows pointing to the left. On the sleeve and shoulder yoke is a broad dark blue section with a maroon outline; where the pattern becomes jagged at the wrist.

The primary patch is a shield style crest that features an image of the Brown Thrasher wielding a hockey stick with its wing. The shoulder patch has several interesting elements; the patch is an outline of a bird’s eye view of a Brown Thrasher in flight; with an ice blue “T” like shape and red accented hockey sticks.


The road and home jerseys are just like each other except that the front and shoulder patches were switched. The road jersey used the primary patch on the front and the secondary on the shoulders; and the home jersey using the secondary logo on the front and the primary on the shoulders.



In 2003, the team introduced their alternate jersey. The third jersey had some elements of the main jersey like the primary logo and the lower torso stripe in which two more white stripes were added. But what made the third jersey different were its light blue colour and its left sleeve arm band. The wrist to shoulder arm band has a white and maroon outline and within the band the word “Atlanta” appears in yellow.

In 2006, the team would replace the home jersey with the alternate jersey

In 2007, with the introduction of the new Reebok Edge jersey, the team made modifications to both road and home jerseys. With the road jersey, the bottom tail stripe was move to the neckline and the shoulder and sleeve bar was made larger and reshaped slightly. With the home jersey; the bottom striping pattern is removed and the side torso had dark blue stripes added under the arm with the secondary patch added to the right shoulder.


The 2007-08 All-Star game was held in Atlanta, to commemorate the occasion the team wore these patches.



In 2008, the Thrashers introduced a new alternate jersey. The third jersey uses red as the primary colour. On the front is a script logo that says “Thrashers” over top a player number on the front. The sleeve and side torso have unique paneling in white and dark blue. The shoulders have a new secondary logo that is just the head of the Brown Thrasher.