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What do the different tiers mean?
Tier 1 is the best you can get, a blank Reebok Edge jersey valued at minimum $200! Tier 2 is also really great where you can find customized or blank Reebok jerseys potentially featuring star players and alumni. We will also be sprinkling in goodies and items randomly into boxes to add even more surprise to mystery boxes!


Some examples of what styles you can find in each box are:


Tier 1: Autographed Teemu Selanne Mighty Ducks Jersey, Toronto Maple Leafs Reebok Edge 2.0, St. Louis Blues Reebok Edge 2.0, Vancouver Canucks Authentic CCM Jersey and more!


Tier 2: Boston Bruins Premier Reebok Jersey, Buffalo Sabres Alternate Premier Reebok Jersey, Los Angeles Kings Premier Reebok Jersey, St. Louis Blues Premier Reebok Jersey and more!


What if I don’t like the jersey I get?
Unfortunately, we can’t make any guarantees as to what jersey you’ll get. The randomness is the best part of getting a mystery box, you don’t know what you’ll get so it’s always a surprise! Each box is packed with a random jersey from either Tier 1 or Tier 2.


Can I choose which size jersey or which team I get?

No, each jersey is packed in boxes at random and in varying sizes from Small to 2XL for replicas and 46 to 60 for Reebok Edge jerseys. After all, it wouldn’t be a “Mystery Box” if you got to choose what you get!
If I order 2 boxes am I guaranteed to get one jersey from each tier?

No, there is no guarantee that you will get an Edge jersey. If you were to order 2 boxes it’s possible they’re both Tier 1 but it’s also possible that none are Tier 1. Each box is already packed and sealed then selected at random for each order so we cannot control who gets what.


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CoolHockey Mystery Box