CoolHockey Mystery Gift Card

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What the deal with the Mystery Gift Card?

The Mystery Gift Card promotion gives you a chance at doubling or even sextupling your gift card purchase! You’re guaranteed to get a minimum of $50 when you buy a Mystery Gift Card with a chance at getting a $300 or $100 gift card. There’s ZERO RISK! You're guaranteed to get what you paid for, and if you're lucky, you'll get up to six times what you paid for!


What are the odds I get a $300 or $100 gift card?

There’s a 1/10 chance of receiving more than what you paid for and receive one of the $100 gift cards or $300 gift card. Odds are subject to change as Mystery Gift Cards are purchased. 


What can I use this gift card for?

The Mystery Gift Card can be used on ANY and ALL items on our site and is stackable with coupons! 

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CoolHockey Mystery Gift Card

PLEASE NOTE: The Gift Card you receive will be issued in the currency in which you originally purchased it in. We will not allow any conversions from USD cards to CAD and vice-versa nor will we allow combining multiple gift cards before shipping. No refunds or exchanges, all sales are final. This is a limited time offer while supplies last. This product is excluded from all promotions and coupons unless explicitly stated in the promotional or coupon fine print. This product cannot be purchased with another existing gift card.


Breakdown of Mystery Gift Card Values at Beginning of Promotion: 

  • 89 - $50 Cards

  • 10 - $100 Cards

  • 1 - $300 Cards