Frequently Asked Questions

Jersey/Customization Questions

At CoolHockey you can purchase different types of jerseys ranging from replica to authentic. The different brands of jerseys and their features are:

  • Adidas Adizero Authentic

    New for the 17-18 NHL season is the Adidas Adizero Authentic jersey. This jersey is very close to what the players wear on the ice. The Adizero jersey features embroidered, stitched-down crests and shoulder patches and a fight strap. All Adizero jerseys are made in Indonesia and come in number sizing.

  • Reebok Premier Replica

    The Reebok Premier replica jersey is made for fans. It offers a more tapered fit than the Reebok Edge jerseys and is one of the most popular options for any fan. The Reebok premier features heat-pressed embroidered crests and sublimated shoulder patches. Premier jerseys are usually made in Indonesia (with few made in Canada) and come only in lettered sizing.

  • CCM Vintage Replica

    The CCM Vintage replica jerseys pay homage to teams and jerseys of the past. These jerseys featured embroidered crests and shoulder patches that are heat-pressed to the jersey. CCM VIntage jerseys offer a less tapered fit than the Reebok Premier or Fanatics Breakaway jerseys. CCM Vintage jerseys are made in Canada and only come in lettered sizing.

Customization is what really separates CoolHockey jerseys from competitors. At CoolHockey we offer high quality, professional hand-stitched customization on all of our jerseys. Every jersey we customize is up to NHL and NHLPA standards. Whether a team uses 1, 2 or 3 layers of twill to customize their on-ice jerseys, we do too! Every time we customize a jersey we professionally laser-cut the twill to specs and then heat-press the twill to the jersey. We then take the jersey and professionally hand stitch the twill down to get a look and feel just like what the players wear!


Most of our competitors take the easy way out when customizing jerseys and siply heat-press the twill to the jersey or even worse, they'll heat press a single layer of sublimated twill. The customization our competitors offer is cheap and low quality. Since it's only heat-pressed the numbers and names may peel off over time and fade when washed multiple times. They also screen print fake stitching onto the jersey to give it a more authentic feel, but you can take a look and judge for yourself how much worse competitors quality is compared to ours.


At CoolHockey we have an on-site 15,000 sq. ft. production facility where all of our customization is done. Since we own our own production and customization facility we offer a faster turnaround time than our competitors who outsource their customization. We are very confident in the quality of work and craftsmanship we put into every jersey that leaves our doors just as we have been for over 20 years!


Our Professionally zig-zag stitched full layered tackle twill customization:

Competition cheap screen printed numbers, heat-pressed onto jersey:




Unfortunately, once your order is placed, no changes can be made to your order. We will not be able to change the name/number on your jersey, add/remove patches, or change the type of customization you ordered once you've placed the order.No exceptions.

Since we have our own 15,000 sq. ft. on-site production facility, we have a great advantage over our competitors. We don't have to outsource any of our customization, therefore, we have quicker turnaround times. It usually takes10 business days or lessfor customization plus shipping time. Many of our competitors outsource their customization which can take anywhere between 4-10 weeks plus shipping time!

Since our customization usually takes only 10 business days we can get your jersey shipped to you faster! Shipping times vary based on where you live but generally take 3-5 business days in Canada and continental United States.

We also offer RUSH ORDER (VIP) Services and Express Delivery if you need your jersey faster!

Please note:During the holiday season, orders can be delayed a few business days due to a high volume of orders. This may result in customization taking up to 15 business days, however this is still faster than any of our competitors during the holiday season who can take in excess of 10 weeks to complete an order.

Sometimes you need a jersey quicker for a gift or because you need it for the game you're heading to in a week! We understand that here at CoolHockey and that's why we offer Rush Production services. Our regular customization time is 10 business days, but with our Rush Production services, we can customize your jersey in 48 hours and get it shipped. Shipping will still take 3-5 business days unless you select overnight delivery for an extra cost. Our Rush Production service only costs $49! Click here for overnight/express shipping rates.

We have a huge inventory of jerseys at our warehouse and use an automatic stock updating system to track all of our jerseys. If a size is not listed on our site, we DO NOT have it in stock. However, we do regularly order more sizes when our stock levels dip so keep an eye on the jersey you want to see if we add more sizes!
Please review our sizing chart below to see which size is best for you.

When ordering a jersey on our site all you have to do is select the "I want customization button" and then follow the steps there to choose any name or number you want to add to your jersey. You can also select any patches you wish to add to your jersey. A live preview tool will show you how your jersey will look before you order so you know exactly what you're getting!

If you are ordering your jersey through our eBay or Amazon stores you will need to add what customization you want in the "Optional Instructions" box. In that text box please format your customization details like this:

CAPTAIN C/A: C (for captain), or A (for alternate captain)
PATCHES: e.g 2017 Stanley Cup Patch, Penguins 50th Anniversary Patch, and Centennial Patch

Please note that patches are an extra cost.

Order/Payment Questions

The total amount for your order can be calculated very easily. United States customers do not pay any taxes on their orders. However, US residents may be subject to duty/brokerage charges. The total cost for a US customer is simply Order Price + Shipping ($18 for standard delivery or $45 for overnight delivery)


E.g $150 + $18 = $168 Total


For Canadian customers to calculate the total cost, simply add the order total + shipping first, then multiply it by the tax rate applicable to your province. (14% for Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland/Labrador OR 6% for any other province)


E.g $150 + $15 = $165 Before Taxes


$165 x 1.14 = $188.10 Total

Yes! We offer combined shipping on orders of 2 or more items! When ordering more than one item shipping is calculated as follows:

  • 1st Item ships at full cost ($18 for US, $15 For CAN)

  • All additional items are only $2 extra!


  • 1st item = $15
  • 2nd item = $2
  • 3rd item = $2
  • Total shipping is $19 ($15 + $2 + $2)

Can I pay in USD or CDN dollars?

When on our website you can choose which currency you want to purchase in by clicking either the Canadian or Ameican flags located on the top right of every page. Customers are free to choose between the two currencies to pay for their order. We update the currencies to reflect the current exchange rate, but if you feel one will give you a better price than the other, you are free to select it!

For purchases on our eBay or Amazon store, the currency is automatically calculated and handled by them. We list all our prices in USD on those sites and they calculate the exchange themselves.

We currently accept payment through PayPal, or Credit Card. All our transactions are are done through secure online real time credit card processing. You may also place orders over the phone by calling us toll-free at 1 (888) 454-9190. Orders may be paid for with our Order Form where you'll need to fill out your credit card information.

Click here to download an Order Form

Most declined credit card transactions are a result of your Billing Address not matching the address your credit card company has on file. Simply update the field to reflect the correct address and it should go through!

Returns & Duty/Taxes Questions

Since we are a registered business within Canada. We need to charge sales taxes for any item that is being delivered within Canada. Please note that taxes are charged by the "SHIP TO" address and not the "BILL TO" address.

Example:If a customer from the United States purchases an item and wants it delivered to a Canadian address then taxes must be charged according to that province. The reason for this is that the item is staying and being sold within the country therefore sales taxes must still be charged.

In some cases you may be asked to pay a C.O.D (Cash on delivery) extra charge You may be wondering "if I paid for shipping already what is this extra charge?" This charge is normally referred to as import-duty, tax collection or brokerage fee that the courier has been asked to collect by the US Government. We have absolutely no control over this. And this must be paid on delivery of the package in order to receive it. Refusing the package will get it returned back to the sender in which this charge may be sent to us (Silver Crystal Sports) that we will not cover, and this cost will be added to your account.

You can either get us to send the package again in which you will have to pay again for shipping plus (+) any duty, taxes, brokerage fees charged to us by refusal of the package.

If you decide to get a refund for this order and do not wish for us to ship it again then we will be refunding you the amount of your order minus (-) the shipping charges and minus (-) any extra fees.

Please Note:That there is no refund or exchange on customized/personalized jerseys. If a package is returned back to us we will contact you to let you know that we need to send the jersey again and you will need to pay for shipping costs. The item will sit in our warehouse until shipping costs are paid for again and we will ship the order out again.

There have been some cases where our customers are being contacted by someone from Customs (US Government). We do not agree with what they are doing and feel it is bad practice as they are asking for personal sensitive information over the phone. This is legit and in fact Customs (US Government) calling requesting for this information as there may be a Duty, Tax, Brokerage fee attached to your order in which they want to make sure that this item gets paid. Refusal of this information will result in the package being held up at the border and returned to sender.

We only accept returned orders under the following circumstances.

  • - The jersey is damaged, either manufacturer defect, damaged during the customization process or damaged during shipping.

  • - We shipped the incorrect jersey.

  • - We shipped wrong size.

  • - There is an error on the customization of a jersey.

  • - The order is not complete.

In order to put a return claim, you need to contact us at with the return reason. We will then issue you a RETURN AUTHORIZATION #.



Once you have been issued a return authorization # you can ship the package back to address:

  • Silver Crystal Sports

  • 1141 Roselawn Ave.

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • M6B 1C5

  • Canada

Use standard delivery service we do not cover the cost of overnight or express returns. Also Include a copy of the original receipt from the post office for us to credit you the return shipping amount when we receive your order.


On the outside of the package in large print please write RA# xxxxxx also please include a copy of this # on the inside of the package in case it does get covered by shipping labels.


Very Important:If this item is being sent from anywhere outside of Canada you must include in large print on the outside of the package:


Failure to do so may result in charges such as duty, taxes when this item crosses the border back to us. We do not cover this cost if failed to include this on the outside of the package in which this cost will be charged back to you.

Once we receive the return jersey we will begin processing the return.

If you checked tracking and you notice the tracking details state "returned to sender" or you have been alerted by us that your order has been returned:

There could have been an error with the shipping details such as an incomplete address and the courier could not make the deliver attempt

The courier tried to make 3 delivery attempts and nobody was home to accept the package and/or the courier was never contacted by you with an alternative address. Once the courier makes a delivery attempt a "notice of delivery" sticky note is left at the door. Please contact the courier immediately to arrange a better shipping time that works around your schedule.

The item was refused on delivery. If you refuse the item upon delivery then it will be returned back to us. If the item has a C.O.D charge please click here for more info.

The item was held up at customs. Customs (US Government) needs to collect more information from you in order to proceed with the delivery. If they cannot get a hold of you they will eventually return the package back to us. Please make sure that all your shipping details are up to date, it is always recommended to include a contact phone # on your order details.

Import-Duty, Taxes and Brokerage fees may be charged on packages crossing the border to the United States. This is a hit or miss with the US customs and some packages are being stopped and inspected. When a package is stopped and Inspected it is almost guaranteed to get an import-duty and/or tax and/or brokerage fee.

This fee is inevitable, and despite rumors you may have heard of "marking a low-value fee" on the outside of the package does not work and is illegal.

Shipping/Status Questions

Shipping times are normally 3-5 Business days for anywhere in Canada and the continental United States. Delivery times vary to other countries shipped outside Canada and United States. Estimated delivery time for International orders is 5-7 Business days.

NOTE:If you ordered a customized jersey shipping times are calculated once the jersey's customization is completed. Please click here for customization details.

Blank Jerseys or Orders that do not need customization:

Canada:1-2 Business Days for Handling + 3-5 Business days for Shipping.

United States:1-2 Business Days for Handling + 3-5 Business days for Shipping.

International (Includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canadian Territories):1-2 Business Days for Handling + 5-7 Business days for Shipping.

Customized Orders:

Canada:10 Business days for production + 3-5 Business days for Shipping.

United States:10 Business days for production + 3-5 Business days for Shipping.

International (Includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canadian Territories):10 Business days for production + 5-7 Business days for Shipping.

Yes, we do offer express delivery (Overnight). The charge for overnight delivery is total shipping costs of $45.


Overnight delivery is only advantageous to blank jerseys or orders that do not need to be customized and are ready to ship once ordered. Please note that there can be a 1 Business day handling time for administration and processing.


For jerseys or orders that are to be customized, please note that by upgrading your shipping service does not get the jersey completed quicker. The 10 business day customization still applies to the order and once the order is complete then the item will be shipped from our warehouse with overnight delivery. It is really advantageous to get overnight delivery with the RUSH ORDER SERVICE for customized orders.


NOTE:Once the order is shipped from our warehouse we have no control over delivery, the couriers we use are very reliable and 99% of the time can get the package delivered by the next day. Due to the nature of the business and items being shipped over borders, there is a possibility of some complications. We are not held responsible once the item leaves our warehouse.

We offer worldwide shipping services! We ship to anywhere on this globe that a courier can get to.

Click here for estimate delivery times.

We ship all our packages with Insurance and Tracking #. Once the item is shipped you will be given a tracking # in which you can track online:








We update all our systems with the tracking details. You are normally emailed automatically once the item is shipped and we have updated our tracking details for that order.